Frequently Asked Questions

Bus service will be available to students accepted into the IBT program at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School and who live within the IBT program school boundary.

The bussing program is open to every student enrolled in the IBT Program at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School. Only those students who have paid the required fees and continue to be in good standing are permitted to ride on buses provided by the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee.

Every effort will be made to provide bussing for all students; however, it may not be possible (nor does the Committee guarantee) to provide bussing for every student who applies. Efficient routing and adequate bus loading are essential. Buses will not enter construction zones or housing sub divisions or roadways undergoing major repairs. It is entirely the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the student to and from their assignmented bus stop.

The Committee cannot guarantee an allergy free environment on the busses provided by First Student Canada. It is the responsibility of the student/parent/legal guardian to inform us of any severe allergies or other medical condition that may impact on the transportation of the student. We will forward this information to First Student Canada for their information.

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