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Refund and Change of Address Policies


The policy is:"ABSOLUETLY no refunds will be given after May 31st."

The cost per student for bussing is determined by dividing the cost of the buses by the total number of students being bused. If refunds are given the program may run short of money and we could end up having to collect an additional "levy" from all the students left in the program. This simply is not practical. Parents must commit to the bussing program for the full year. If a student withdraws from the program or no longer requires bussing, a refund will ONLY be considered if a replacement rider is found by the parents.


  • The Committee may not be able to provide bussing for each and every student who requests it. If we are not able to place a student on a bus route, a full refund will be given.
  • If a parent can find another student to replace his/her child's spot on their specific bus route we will allow a refund since the new student will pay for the spot vacated. No new stop will be made to accommodate this new student; the new student must use one of the existing stops on that route.


If a student changes his/her address after the May 15 online form deadline, the Committee will make every effort to accommodate this student on an alternate route, subject to availability. No refund will be made if the request cannot be accommodated and the request was made after May 31. Please note that the 'walking distance within 1km' guideline does not apply to change of addresses. An administration charge of $50 must be paid by cheque for each such request.

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